I have taught all ages - toddlers, middle schoolers, high schoolers, college students and adults. I have been at a private school in New York City since 1990, teaching French primarily, as well as a few other disciplines over the years. I hold a New York State certification, and I have a Master's degree in French literature and language. Teaching is my passion!

During the past 5 years I have added a new dimension to my love for sharing information and helping others to learn. I have always been involved in fitness and nutrition personally, and I decided to take this to a new level so that I could become qualified to teach these important topics in order to help others to become more healthy. Along the way, I became more involved in yoga as a result of my desire to reduce anxiety in my life, and increase focus, balance, and flexibilty. I have improved my quality of life as a result of my efforts, and I continue to explore and grow in this area.

In addition to my New York State teaching credentials, I have these certifications: These have added a new dimension to my understanding of the significance of yoga, meditation and breath in students' lives, which I will focus on in my programs.

I have been using these skills in my classroom with my middle school students, and it has shown me how movement, breathing properly, and meditation are crucial for this age group. I have since explored the research that has been done based on my own inquiries, and I have come to the conclusion that I can help students of all ages to be more centered, focused, relaxed, and ultimately more successful with their studies and on exams. I hope to hear from many of you so that I can share my passion and skills with you and your children.

May health be with you! Namaste.